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 The Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats(Jade)

Jade Yoga Mats



Recommended Juicer

BTCP Recomended Juicer

Recommended Blender

Ninja Blender


Natural Non-Stick Pan

If you cook on a pan, use this pan

Natural Non Stick Pan Cooking

Sprouting Jar

to sprout beans, grains, and seeds

Sprouting Jar

Rebounder to Accelerate Cleansing

Rebounder for Detox

Skin Brush for Accelerated Detox


Enema Bag for Advanced Cleansing

Enema Bag for Advanced Cleansing


Essential Exercise Equipment

Weight Training Bands

Weight Lifting Bands

Foam Roller

Foam Roller for Deep Streching

EMF(Electro Magnetic Field) Protectors

I swear by Q Link. I wear my Q Link all day every day. I would not exercise without it!

Rocking the Q link

Bright Blue Q LinkBlack EMF Protector Necklace Silver EMF Protector Necklace
Orange Q link EMF Protector Pendant White Q Link EMF Protector Gold EMF Protector Necklace
Pink EMF Protector Pendant USB Computer EMF Protector