The principals from which BTCP is created is grounded in the yogic science of Ayurveda. In order to keep things simple and understandable, traditional terms for Ayurveda were not used to describe the body types. Instead of using terms that could confuse people, terms were used that people are familiar with.

Make no mistake about it, Ayurveda is a science. In fact, it literally translates to “The Science of Life”. What I have done with the BTCP System, is take the most relevant principals of Ayurveda and created a very user friendly way for people to understand their body and live a lifestyle that will keep them in balance.

If the information in the BTCP System is very exciting and you wish to learn more about Ayurveda, I recommend studying Ayurveda. Just as one can spend years becoming a medical doctor, one can spend years becoming a doctor in Ayurveda.


Q: I did not receive the email results from my body type quiz.
A: Some email accounts like Gmail, sometimes completely block the BTCP emails. Both write down your quiz results and bookmark your page results on the website. If you want the page results emailed to you, take the quiz using a different email.

Q:  Is the BTCP Healthy Muscle Building Guide right for me?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A:  The BTCP Healthy Muscle Building Guide is for men and women of all ages and body types.  The Muscle Guide is for people that want to put on significant muscle.  The Muscle Guide utilizes a frequent weight training routine.  Detailed description for all exercises are given with images.

Q: Is it possible to get a hard copy of the BTCP System mailed to me?
A: No, the BTCP System is provided in digital PDF format. If you wish to have a hard copy, you are welcome print the PDF’s.

Q: Does the BTCP System include videos?
A: No, the BTCP System includes 10 PDF documents that cover all aspects to achieve radiant health.

Q:  Is the Free Six Pillars EGuide the same document that is included in the BTCP System?
A: No. The Free Health Eguide is a few page document that just touches on the main points of the Six Pillars to achieving radiant health.  The Six Pillars Guide included in the BTCP System is a 150+ page document.

Q: I have a question about the products including the health supplements and Q Link on the Resources page.
A: Direct your question regarding the products, orders you have placed, and shipping directly to the vendor.

Q: I want to lose weight. Is the BTCP System right for me?
A: Yes, the BTCP System has 3 separate Modes guides. Cleanse Mode to rapidly lose weight and detox, Build Mode to rapidly gain weight and muscle, and Thrive Mode which provides a steady detox and building of lean muscle.

Q: Is the Liver Flush and the BTCP Liver Gallbladder Flush the same thing?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I exhibit the qualities of more than one body type?
A: That is quite normal. Utilize the health guide protocols for your unique body type. Use the body type guide for which you have the most percentage. Do not use health protocols for the body type guide for which you have the least percentage body type.

Q: Why is staying in balance so important?
A: Certain disease conditions result from being out of balance for too long.

Q: What does my body type have to do with imbalances?
A: Your body type determines which imbalances you are prone to. In others words, your body type determines which diseases you have a predisposition for.

Q: How do I bring my body into balance?
A: Follow the body type guide for which you have the highest body type percentages.

Q: I just binge ate. Is it a good time to cleanse?
A: No, it is best to first eat a healthy diet on Thrive Mode for a few days before using Cleanse Mode.

Q: I am cleansing and experiencing fatigue and headaches. Is this normal?
A: Yes. Detox symptoms can include fatigue, headache, itchy skin, nausea, stomach ache, and irritability, amongst other symptoms. If detox symptoms become too much, go off of Cleanse Mode and into Thrive Mode and drink more water. Detox symptoms should not last more than a few days.

Q: I take medication and/or have previous health conditions. Should I do the BTCP System?
A: Always consult a qualified health professional before making any dietary, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Q: What if my question is not answered in the FAQ guide?
A: Email Connect@BTCPSystem.com with other questions.

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